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Repair Center offers you the expertise to repair a large range of portable devices: ultrasound systems, patient monitoring, Vaporizers, Incubators and Infant warmers,  Corometrics family , electrocardiographs, and defibrillators.   

You can easily handle your repairs with a very simple process, and check the status of your equipment in real time thanks to our online platform. 

There are 3 Repair Centers in 2 countries in EGM: Turkey, 2 repair facility in Saudi (Central and Western regions)

They deal with over 1400 repairs annually.

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Repair Centers in Saudi Arabia

To make a repair request, call +800-124-3002 or contact your GE Healthcare sales representative.

GE Healthcare Repair Center
24 North Building B, Ground Floor
Prince Sultan Road, Al-Nahdah
23615 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia