Biomedical services

Look to GE to help achieve your desired outcomes in Healthcare Technology Management.

For 30 years, GE Healthcare has been at the forefront of delivering biomedical services that help drive improved outcomes for over 700 customers worldwide. Our flexible programs, enabled by data and analytics, offer core maintenance services and include attributes that go beyond break-fix. We help you optimize asset utilization, customize the right service plan for your organization, and adapt your program to changing needs.

We are one of the largest service providers in Healthcare Technology Management.

  • 2M devices under management
  • 3.3M devices with service histories
  • 1,200+ OEM and vendor relationships
  • 45,000 unique makes/models supported
  • 3,300 service engineers nationwide
  • 700 biomedical service customers

Service Model Optimization

Help optimize and standardize your service strategy—outsource or in-house support

Onsite Biomed Operations

Highly trained embedded teams that provide support or operate your biomed program, depending on which service model is selected.

Scale and Expertise

  • More than 2M models currently under management
  • Local and vendor support for lasers, anesthesia, respiratory, sterilizers, laboratory and endoscopes
  • Certified ISO9001:2000 and 13485 credentials

Flexible Coverage Options

Ongoing support and guidance on optimal coverage levels and services strategies customized to fit your unique needs.

Integrated Asset Management

Help improve your asset lifecycle and reduce waste by getting more out of each asset

Mobile Asset Management

Make sure your equipment is in the right place at the right time in the right condition.

Advanced CMMS System

A modern, cloud-based, mobile-friendly application portfolio for management of clinical assets.

Technology Planning

Benchmarking and performance data to optimize asset acquisition and service decisions.

Sustainability and Innovation

Adapt to an evolving market and help ensure your program brings ongoing value

Program Governance

We help ensure sustainability of all financial and quality outcomes through rigorous program management and governance.

Accreditation Readiness

Help ensure ongoing readiness of your program with evolving industry requirements.

Ongoing Service Investments

GE continues to look to the future to anticipate and invest in ways to help bring ongoing value to your program.

Clinical Networking and Cybersecurity

Keeping your data secure is critical. GE can help you ensure your policies and process are robust and implement actions to help mitigate security breaches.