Introducing OEC Elite surgical imaging C-arm, a premium C-arm designed to enhance surgical efficiency while delivering superb image quality OEC C-arms are known for.  

The OEC Elite provides an enhanced mobile C-arm experience enabling you to:

  • Experience stunning image quality
  • Manage dose with profiles and control features
  • Operate with enhanced ease and efficiency 

This system is ideally suited for a range of surgical needs including orthopedics, gastrointestinal, endoscopic, urologic, neurologic, critical care, and emergency procedures.

Availability of select models and configurations varies by country. Please contact your local sales representative.


GE Healthcare’s clinical and service teams support thousands of OEC C-arms worldwide, providing key insight in how to improve the ease and efficiency of surgical workflow. The OEC Elite was designed with these improvements in mind. So now your surgical team can experience this efficiency firsthand, so much so, they may not even notice how easy it is to operate.

  * Availability of select models, configurations, and options varies by country.

** Compared to prior GE OEC systems.


Superb imaging quality

  • Advanced image processing techniques
  • Precision imaging technology using patented Dynamic Range Management
  • High level fluoroscopy for when you need it

Enhanced user experience*

  • Easy C-arm maneuverability requires 30% less force to steer
  • Simple user interface for less clicks, more active icons, and report access
  • Lightweight workstation that can operate independently
  • Large image viewing with 27” display and dynamic articulating arm

Intelligent Dose Control

  • More default settings for procedure or user preference
  • Optimize dose and image quality by selecting one of five modes of dose control: Digital Spot, High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, Pulse

*Based on other OEC models

Availability of select models and configurations varies by country. Please contact your local sales representative.


Brilliant. The right image at the right dose.

We know how important it is to help clinicians get the right image at the right dose in mobile surgical imaging. That's why we developed Brilliant.

Brilliant is a comprehensive program designed to help reduce operator dose long term through education, tools and improved dose management. Here are a few ways to get started: