GE Healthcare understands the healthcare industry is ever evolving. Leading healthcare institutions today seek to deliver better value for patients through more access, proved outcomes, and lower costs.

At GE Healthcare Education Solutions, we bring our extensive healthcare expertise and customer focus under a unified umbrella to help you stay ahead of today’s dynamic changes.

As healthcare moves toward more patient-centered systems, Education Solutions offers a tailored portfolio designed to meet the growing needs of healthcare systems across the clinical, technical, leadership and digital health domains, and at every stakeholder level.

Whether you are a CEO or minister leading transformational change, a COO at a private hospital-chain, or a section head at the Ministry of Health, we will provide you with suitable education solutions and help you to implement the learning to achieve better outcomes.

When applied to medical technologies and clinical procedures, this can translate into a more efficient OR, fewer diagnostic errors, and better financial performance. When applied to health leadership and patient experience, this can drive sustainable solutions and better patient satisfaction.

Skilled healthcare systems harness the full potential of technology and human capital. Developing skills and knowledge makes better healthcare.


  Technologists & Radiologists
  Technicians & Biomedical Engineers
   Healthcare Leaders

  Information Technologists


Education portfolio

Continuing Education 
We aim to support educated and informed
health ecosystems to provide the best health
services to patients with an ultimate goal of
achieving the best possible health.

Online Libraries 
We provide medical and diagnostic imaging
equipment training, networking and
infrastructure, as well as effective
medical equipment management
throughout equipment life cycle.

Outcome-Based Education 
We provide customized education programs
to support multidisciplinary healthcare
transformation programs with the goal of
improving health-system outcomes.


Healthcare Skills and Training Institute


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