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Interfacing Commitment Clinical Information Systems (CIS)

The commitment made by GE to the European Commission for Clinical Information Systems (CIS).

Clinical Information Systems - Example of Documentation Available

Clinical Information Systems (CIS) are used for automating patient records, patient medical readings, documenting orders, documenting care plans, and other clinical information. CIS products automate the recording of a patient's overall clinical condition; family history, diagnoses, medications, allergies, lab results, images, and image readings.

GE CIS products utilize existing standards-based data exchange methods for recording of much that clinical data; including HL7, XML, and direct serial interfaces to clinical devices. As it pertains to interfaces between clinical devices and monitors, these interfaces allow for the recording of; physiological data such as heart rate, SP02, blood pressure.

The imported data will be time stamped as per the content of the incoming HL7 or XML messages.

The specifications for these interfaces can be made available upon request.

Request for Interface Information: If you are interested in obtaining detailed protocol for this or other interfaces offered by GE under its Interfacing Commitment to the European Commission, please feel free to contact:

Matthew McManus