Voluson P8

Your first VolusonTM … years in the making

Voluson Women’s Health ultrasound has developed a strong reputation for high performance – from its exceptional 2D image quality, practical volumetric tools, and innovative probes to the streamlined ergonomics that help drive efficient workflow.

Voluson P8 product shot

Now those established benefits have been combined into the Voluson P8 – an affordable way to acquire your first Voluson and bring the benefits of this high performance ultrasound to your patients.

The Voluson P8 is an excellent entry-point to the Voluson family, delivering hard-working capabilities that fit your practice, your patient base, and your budget … with an upgrade pathway that can help keep your system current.

You can expect your Voluson P8 to deliver: 

  • Excellent 2D image quality – the foundation of Voluson ultrasound, requiring minimal user interaction for image optimization.
  • Easy-to-use Voluson 3D capabilities enabled by user-friendly workflow.
  • Intuitive and easy to use tools – helping enabling busy practices to provide excellent patient care while helping reduce the time needed to conduct, analyze, and report on exams.
  • Specialized automation tools to help enhance speed and patient care for obstetric and gynecological studies. 
  • Streamlined reporting tools - easily create reports at the touch of a button.
  • Quality service and support you can count on to help optimize the performance of your vital ultrasound assets.
  • Educational programs and ongoing learning opportunities via the VolusonClub to help maximize the use of your Voluson.

Image Quality

Voluson image quality – you can rely on it

VolusonTM technology has established to deliver a high standard for 2D and 3D imaging - the Voluson P8 continues the tradition. 

You can count on exceptional images in various applications, from routine OB evaluations and gynecological studies to cardiac, abdominal, vascular, and small parts scanning.

Innovative Voluson tools include:

  • SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging) – Helps improve visualization and contrast resolution by reducing intrinsic artifacts.
  • HD-Zoom – Helps users localize regions of interest for closer study. 
  • CrossXBeamCRI TM - Helps enhance tissue interfaces and border differentiation. 
  • Wide sector for endocavitary probes – Enables more anatomical information to be displayed in a single image versus the standard field of view.

Ease of Use & Productivity

As easy as 1-2-3D

Hard working ultrasound capabilities – like 2D, Doppler, and 3D imaging – are just a keystroke away with a Voluson Performance system. 

Voluson automation advances help enable busy practices to provide excellent patient care while helping reduce the time needed to conduct, analyze, and report on exams: 

  • Intuitive, easy to use keyboard – helps achieve uninterrupted scanning.
  • Auto Optimization for 2D and Doppler – helps enhance contrast resolution at the touch of a button.
  • Auto focus for 2D – Provides automated positioning of the focal zone and helps allow the user concentrate on scanning.
  • Raw data – conduct a virtual rescan of the patient any time post-exam to help increase productivity and enhance diagnostic confidence.
  • SonoRender Start – Helps enhance volume rendering with a keystroke.
  • Reporting and archiving tools – Enable easy creation of a structured report including 1st trimester, 2nd/3rd trimester, and gynecology exams. You can also export a report, including charts, in PDF format at the touch of a button.

Easy Voluson Workflow

Easy Voluson workflow

The VolusonTM keyboard is designed for ease-of-use and to help reduce user fatigue by helping to reduce reaching.

Take a tour of the Voluson keyboard: 

  • Trackball – is surrounded by curved set keys that help users easily navigate through exams and make selections.
  • One touch auto optimization – for 2D, Doppler, and 3D/4D (SonoRender Start).
  • Measurement button – easy access to measurements.
  • 3D/4D button – easy Voluson 3D imaging.
  • Rotary knob – easy navigation through on-screen menus.
  • DVR button – one touch recording of the exam to the integrated DVR.
  • Report button – export reports in PDF format with ease.
  • Zoom button – easily localize regions of interest for closer study with HD-Zoom.


A system designed for ease of use and comfort

In designing the VolusonTM P8, we were committed to keeping clinicians who use it our priority.

We envisioned a system that would be enjoyable to use on a daily basis. The result: an ergonomic design that provides fast access to frequently used functions to provide exceptional user comfort and productivity.

Take a tour of the Voluson P8 ergonomics:

  • 15-inch, flat-screen LCD monitor – moves independently of the console. 
  • Simplified keyboard – enables exams to be completed with fewer keystrokes and rotates to adjust to the user. 
  • Sleek, lightweight console – with a small physical footprint to help optimize use of small spaces. 
  • Transducer holder – protects probes while positioning them for user convenience. 
  • Wireless connectivity – enables efficient transmission of reports and images.
  • Integrated peripherals – including a DVR module help expand functionality.

The Voluson Performance series also follows the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS) ergonomic guidelines.

Voluson and You

When you purchase a Voluson, you join a vast community of Voluson users.

GE supports many product educational programs and ongoing learning opportunities to help you maximize the use of your VolusonTM

Learning to use your Voluson

Your Voluson Performance system combines Voluson’s exceptional 2D image quality, practical volumetric tools, and innovative probes, together with the streamlined ergonomics – all working together to deliver a hard-working system that is intuitive to learn and use, helping to drive efficient workflow.

The VolusonClub offers materials which can help you use your system – these include Getting Started Guide, Tips and Tricks sessions, short product educational videos, technical and clinical lectures, Quick Guide and Technique cards, and clinical white papers.

If you need on-site support, please contact your local GE representative.


Join the club. VolusonTM Club.

Voluson Club is an online community of Voluson ultrasound users.

Membership can help you experience the full diagnostic power of your Voluson ultrasound system.

Inside Voluson Club you will have access to tools and resources available only to members. These materials can help you enhance your knowledge of system operation, and teach techniques to help you improve your productivity.


Explore the benefits of membership.

  • Information on Voluson products and upgrades.
  • Information on new products and offers.
  • Product education tutorials and tips from industry experts.
  • Product education videos ranging from ergonomics to advanced technologies.
  • Applications newsletters and resources.
  • Member image gallery.
  • Member networking.
  • White papers about clinical benefits of Voluson technology.
  • Calendar listing of tradeshows and educational courses where GE will be attending.

We invite you to become connected with the largest network of Voluson users in the world. Joining is easy, visit www.volusonclub.net.


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Join the Voluson Club.
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