Flat That Fits

Combining space-saving design with vivid imaging the Precision 600FP is a state-of-the-art flat panel detection system that allows dynamic performance and comprehensive dose management. Combine these benefits with GE's proven history as a trusted partner for service and support and you know you’re getting a system committed to helping you make every fluoro image count.

This page is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only. Precision 600FP is not available outside the US. Product availability is country-specific and is subject to regulatory requirements.


Sharp Image

A cesium iodide based flat-panel detector and super noise reduction coupled with a comprehensive post-processing and visualization suite make for ultra-vivid imaging.

Comprehensive Dose Management

Precision 600FP includes features such as grid controlled pulse, adjustable frame rate and dose settings, and virtual collimation that allow reduced dose for you and your patient.

Streamlined Workflow

We designed Precision 600FP to be bariatric friendly and easy to use with flexible tableside controls.

Optimized Cost of Ownership

The small footprint is designed to fit your current fluoro room and GE’s reliable service support is always there to assist you when needed.


The Precision 600FP offers:

  • Latest flat panel detector with 17" x 17" field of view, 148 micron pixel pitch
  • Continuous fluoroscopy
  • Grid controlled pulse fluoroscopy with frame rates ranging from 15 to 1 frames per second
  • Virtual Collimation
  • Structured Dose Reporting
  • DoseWatch (optional)
  • 600 lb static weight capacity for the table
  • Small footprint to fit your current fluoro room


Precision 600FP has a 600-pound weight capacity and a 21-inch caliper opening. At 17 inches by 17 inches, the dynamic flat panel detector offers significantly more anatomical coverage as well as broad dynamic range, uniform brightness edge-to-edge and no pin-cushion distortion. Advanced filters reduce noise without inducing lag to ensure crystal-clear images.

A color LCD touch panel with backlit buttons allows full table-side operation, including review and adjustment of generator settings and dose parameters. In addition, the tower is fully motorized for ease of movement and its controls can be operated with either hand.

Precision 600FP is equipped with an easy to use, lightweight wireless digital x-ray detector and its bucky trays rotate for easy positioning.

Dose Management

Precision 600FP includes technologies that help you reduce doses for you and your patient. Pulsed grid technology automatically screens out extraneous dose that doesn’t contribute to the image. You can select an appropriate dose level from three configurable settings and adjust frame rate for pulsed fluoroscopy. Virtual collimation eliminates the need for an additional exposure to form a scout image. In addition, the fully enclosed table shields radiation from the scatter region beneath it, helping to protect you from additional exposure. Precision 600FP supports Dose Structured Reporting and is optionally equipped with DoseWatch for comprehensive dose management.

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*Availability based on local regulatory approval