The Brivo XR385 is your cost-effective first step into digital. With this general purpose DR system in your department, you sacrifice little. Brivo XR385 is a floor-mounted RAD system that requires minimal space, yet can accommodate most of your basic x-ray procedures. Easy on space. Easy to use. And easy on your budget. 


Brivo XR385 offers:   

Just What You Need for Digital Radiography in a Small Space
With just a table, floor-mounted tube and wallstand, the Brivo XR385 supports basic imaging requirements for an ambulatory clinic.   

A Sound Investment in Productivity
Brivo XR385 is an affordable solution to making the transition to digital, helping you eliminate continued investments in CR.   

Fast Exam Times
Digital image acquisition supports fast and efficient exam procedures, eliminating time spent handling film and cassettes.   

Trusted Performance
Built on a similar digital imaging chain as found in GE's advanced X-ray systems, the Brivo XR385 gives you excellent image processing capabilities.


Features include:       


  • Portable digital radiographic flat panel detector made of non-tiled amorphous silicon 
  • Integrated floor mounted x-ray tube 
  • Mechanical linkage between the tube stand and the table detector housing supports auto tracking of detector
  • Fast preview image with the fully processed image in less than 15 second
  • Post-acquisition processing for multiple “looks” from single exposure
  • Automated and customizable image transfer and printing
  • DICOM 3.0 and IHE compliant
  • iLinq* remote system diagnostic service support is available through the GE Online Center and does not require on-site service personnel
  • Multi-resolution image processing for enhancement of detail
  • Tissue Equalization algorithm used to enhance contrast in over-penetrated and under-penetrated areas within the image
  • Intelligent Collimation Edge Detector (ICED) algorithm that automates image shuttering and cropping
  • Smart Windowing – automated, image based, and technique-independent method of determining brightness and contrast for image display


The Brivo XR385 is a general-purpose digital radiographic system designed for use in radiology departments that need to perform basic x-ray imaging, such as in ambulatory clinics. It allows hospitals to make the transition to digital with a basic X-ray system that is based on the same technology platform as that used on GE’s advanced X-ray systems. 

The Brivo XR385 is designed to handle radiographic applications using a single detector, high frequency generator and integrated table to provide flexibility for wallstand and tabletop applications. 


  • Free-standing system with a small footprint
  • Designed to fit almost any room configuration without the need for ceiling support
  • Large travel range and flexibility of tube rotation helps to meet your basic clinical requirements
  • Acquisition review workstation for image post-processing, short-term storage and quick in-room viewing of images are included
  • Images may be transferred automatically or manually