The Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite is an excellent solution for treating hyperbilirubinemia – a threat to the well-being of 60% of full-term infants, and 80% of pre-term infants.

The Blue Spot PT Lite employs advanced technology, high-intensity light output, and large spot size to help ensure effective patient dosage and prompt results.   

It also supports developmental care measures. Its light source is tucked away safely to protect patients from both ambient heat and noise, as well as the risks associated with positioning bulky equipment overhead.    

Designed to be as easy on caregivers as it is on patients, this lightweight system features a fiber optic light pipe and innovative gooseneck design. That makes it easy to deliver light exactly where it’s needed, without limiting your access to patients.   

Compact and cost-efficient
The Blue Spot PT’s compact size and flexible mounting options make it a fit for even space-constrained neonatal care settings. And it combines low initial cost with an ultra-long-life LED module to minimize both downtime and operating costs.  


The Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite makes advantages such as these routine for any neonatal care unit:

Outstanding performance 

  • Emits Blue LED light in a narrow spectral band, focusing on Bilirubin’s peak absorption wavelength to speed its breakdown. 
  • Provides high-intensity light output in a compact, lightweight and user-friendly package.   
  • For aggressive treatment of hyperbilirubinemia, you can use the Blue Spot PT in conjunction with our BiliSoft LED system to maximize surface-area coverage.  

Easy to use 

  • Compact and lightweight, the Blue Spot PT is quickly positioned for precise delivery of therapeutic light. Yet it’s easily rotated out of the way for patient assessment and care.   

Comfortable for everyone 

  • With the innovative gooseneck design and optics, the Blue light is aimed at the patient, away from caregivers and neighboring beds. 
  • The light source is tucked away safely in a box well removed from the patient, to protect shield both ambient heat and noise, as well as the risks associated with positioning bulky equipment overhead.       


Advanced technologies make the Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite a great solution for treating hyperbilirubinemia in virtually any setting.   

  • Its light focuses on a narrow spectral band of 430-490 nm to speed bilirubin breakdown. 
  • It offers excellent light uniformity across a large spot, enabling full body-surface coverage and effective dosage. 
  • Its blue LED bulb’s nominal life is 10,000 hours – almost four times longer than a conventional halogen bulb’s. 
  • All this capability is offered in a unit weighing only 4 kilograms, with a light box measuring just 17.8x30.5x11.4 cm.


Among the Giraffe Blue Spot PT’s most important specs are these:

  • Unit size: 17.8 cm W x 30.5 cm H x 11.4 cm D (light box) 
  • Unit weight: 4 kg 
  • Spectral irradiance: 45 μW•cm-2•nm-1 +25%/-20%, measured after a five-minute warm-up on a new unit with a new bulb, 38 cm from lens to spot center, by a BiliBlanket Light Meter II with 400-520 nm range 
  • Bulb type: Blue LED 
  • Nominal bulb life: 10,000 hours1 
  • Noise level: <50 dBa measured 1 meter from the unit 
  • Mode of operation: Continuous 
  • Standards: Product ETL is certified to the following standards: UL 60601-1, IEC 60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 #601.1, IEC 60601-1-2, and IEC 60601-2-50     

1. IEC standards recommend bulb replacement at 25% output reduction, which corresponds to 27 uW.cm-2.nm-1 and occurs at approximately 10,000 hours. However, sufficient irradiance for effective phototherapy continues well after 25% reduction.



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