Newborn Resuscitation

When it comes to newborn resuscitation, time is as precious as your tiny patients. Now, you can get the tools you need for accurate assessment and rapid response, thanks to GE Healthcare. With our broad range of integrated and stand-alone infant resuscitation systems and infant warmers, critical equipment is within easy reach. This helps you deliver an effective therapy to your precious, high-risk newborns—supporting the best outcomes.


Whether you choose a resuscitation system that’s integrated with a Panda* or Giraffe* warmer for newborns, or our new stand-alone resuscitation system for use with virtually any bed, you’ll be equipped with innovative capabilities. 

Our systems are designed to provide:

  • Effective, reliable airway management

  • Closely monitored circulation


Give your clinical team quick, convenient access to system components and capabilities with GE Healthcare’s streamlined resuscitation systems for newborns.  

You’ll experience many benefits, including: 

  • The versatility you need to meet the latest ILCOR guidelines. Both systems offer Bag & Mask and T‐piece resuscitation capability, developed based on extensive research and input from neonatal healthcare professionals.     

  • All-in-one systems with integrated features to provide effective airway management, accurate pulse oximetry and detailed trending.     

  • The ability to adopt standardized resuscitation protocols across the perinatal care area—because all systems have a common user interface.    

In addition, GE’s T-Piece Resuscitation System helps enhance care with: 

  • Precisely controlled PIP 

  • Precisely controlled PEEP 

  • Easy-to-operate PIP safety valve 

  • Ergonomic T-piece design


Get the technology you need to support the best care for every patient:

Fully integrated suction 

Gas-powered device is built right into the system to help you quickly clear the infant’s airway during resuscitation procedures.   

Suction canister holder 

Accommodates various sized canisters and is easily accessible for single patient use.   

Dual flowmeter design 

Provides excellent flexibility, helping you deliver consistent flow during gas delivery. When using the T-Piece, the second flowmeter allows you to alternatively use a self-inflating or flow-inflating Bag & Mask1.   

O2 blender 

Oxygen concentration may be easily changed within a range from 21% to 100% using the integrated blender to support resuscitation therapy practices.   

High-pressure yokes 

With optional high-pressure yokes (available only with our integrated warmer resuscitation system), you can connect to wall gas, cylinders or other gas sources to make certain that supplemented oxygen is always available.   

SpO2 Monitoring 

By using pulse oximetry in conjunction with either our integrated or stand-alone resuscitation system, you can accurately monitor and evaluate the patient’s pulse rate and oxygenation throughout the resuscitation process. Pulse oximetry feature is available as an integrated option with our Panda* or Giraffe* warmers whereby critical data are captured and displayed on the bed’s full-colour control panel.   

The advanced design of our T-Piece resuscitation advantages:

  • Ergonomic design promotes more comfortable hand positioning and allows the operator to control the breath with one hand. 

  • The device can easily be pre-set to deliver consistent pressure. 

  • PIP and PEEP levels may be more precisely and consistently controlled throughout the resuscitation process to help ensure adequate oxygenation. 

  • The T-Piece device is easy to use and allows for consistent oxygen delivery by users of any level of experience.        

 1 An independent manometer is required for use with Bag & Mask resuscitation.