Neonatal Intra-hospital Transportation

One baby, one bed. It’s that simple. And it’s an important way to minimize disruptions for babies in the NICU. Using a streamlined approach, GE Healthcare brings you innovations like the Giraffe* Shuttle, to create a mobile bed for baby that can easily be moved to other care areas within the hospital building. This means more resources for you and fewer risks for your tiniest patients.



One Baby. One Bed.

Help enhance care for NICU patients by minimizing disruptive moves to other care areas.

Consider these scenarios: 

  • Need to transport a high-risk delivery? Just connect the Giraffe Shuttle to the Giraffe OmniBed, bring it to Labor and Delivery and admit the baby into a Giraffe OmniBed for a simplified journey from the Labor and Delivery to the NICU.

  • Need to leave the NICU for a scheduled procedure or diagnostic study? There’s no need to disturb the baby. Just connect the Giraffe Shuttle to the Giraffe Incubator to move the baby to the desired care area within the same hospital building.

The Giraffe Shuttle provides power to the Giraffe Warmer, enabling clinicians to transport the baby already in the warmer from one care area to another.