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Neonatal Intensive Care

Meet the biggest challenges of your most fragile patients with powerful resources for the NICU from GE Healthcare. We bring you a full range of sophisticated solutions in infant care microenvironments, monitoring, ventilation and therapy, as well as intelligent alarms and seamless communications. Products are designed for simple, efficient operation to support lives of high-risk infants.


Today’s neonatal intensive care environments face multiple challenges. For the most fragile patients, it’s about establishing a healthy development environment, at every point during the very critical first days, providing accurate therapy and monitoring, with minimal disruption and a quiet setting. 

For the caregiver, it’s about ensuring all the above, and having the tools to ensure exceptional care, in a constantly changing environment.   

Flexible solutions for different clinical needs, combined with sophisticated therapy, intelligent alarms and seamless communications are key areas in helping you deal with the everyday challenges. At GE Healthcare, we’re committed to developing the therapy, microenvironment, monitoring and communication solutions you need to create a comfortable, effective Neonatal Intensive Care Unit environment.  

Innovation for All

With our full range of Infant care microenvironment, monitoring, ventilation and accessories products, GE Healthcare shares your commitment to providing high quality care to babies from birth to discharge.

The NICU solutions you need—from a partner you can trust

  • A full range of microenvironments, from open warmers and closed incubators to phototherapy and transport solutions, designed for different acuity levels

  • A dedicated neonatal ventilator, with sophisticated capabilities to tailor the ventilation therapy, breath by breath

  • A range of monitoring and communication solutions with access to accurate, reliable patient data virtually anywhere, anytime, as well as remote viewing and near-instantaneous alarm management

  • Supplies and accessories to ensure that equipment is used as efficiently as possible

GE’s commitment: healthymagination
GE Healthcare has always been known for technological excellence and comprehensive solutions; now we have further focused our strategy to address the key healthcare challenges of today: our healthymagination commitment is to improve the quality of healthcare, increase access to it and reduce its cost

GE believes that the quality of healthcare should not be determined by where people live. More than two billion people globally do not have access to basic elements of a healthy life, including a supply of clean water or being able to see a doctor or visit a health clinic.

Expanded maternal and infant care offerings: GE has partnered with the Nobel-prize winning Grameen Bank of Bangladesh to break the barriers of inequality in health at birth and reduce maternal deaths. GE and Grameen have now agreed on a joint goal of creating a sustainable rural health model that aims to reduce maternal and infant mortality by more than 20 percent. To achieve this, GE will develop low-cost products specific to maternal and infant health using the latest technologies.

We go beyond technology development to co-create clinical protocols, patient workflows, training curriculum and business models supporting the quality of healthcare and access to it for the poorest women in the world. Neonatology expertise gained through working with GE partners in India—the NICE Foundation & Cradle, Bangalore—will support the future extension of Grameen’s rural program to include much- needed newborn care.

GE Healthcare’s commitment: products designed for simple, efficient operation to support the lives of our most fragile patients.