"The Giraffe* Incubator is designed to promote the growth and stability of fragile newborns in the NICU. This powerful system offers you exceptional thermal performance with innovative design, the ability to control heat, humidity, oxygen, light, and noise… all for the healthy development for your patient. "


We designed our Giraffe* Incubators to help you provide exceptional thermal and developmental care to your newborn patients. The incubators:

Create a healing environment

  • An advanced, user-friendly, and developmentally supportive microenvironment combines high technology, innovative design, and exceptional thermal performance to help newborn patients thrive.

Promote healthy, nurturing interactions between patients and their families

  • The innovative features of the Giraffe* Incubator help to support growth and stability of your patients. The design allows parents to sit comfortably nearby, which helps reduce stress and enhances access to their newborn.

Offer enhanced interaction between you and your patients

  • The incubator is designed with workflow in mind. Integrated features, including an in-bed scale, oxygen delivery, and trending capabilities, emphasize developmental care principles and allow for exceptional patient/caregiver interaction.


The innovative features of the Giraffe* Incubator help support the growth, development, and stability of each newborn in your care. 

  • The patented Baby Susan* rotating mattress reduces unnecessary baby stimulation. It rotates 360° so you can easily position your patients for all types of procedures without disturbing them. 

  • The layered Giraffe pressure-diffusing mattress provides a soft support surface that can help relieve pressure points and preserve your patients’ skin integrity. 

  • The Proportional Control and Cascade* keeps pace with your patients’ thermal needs, which helps reduce environmental stress. 

  • WhisperQuiet* Mode helps reduce unnecessary noise to create a quiet, soothing environment, which helps calm anxious patients and their families. 

  • All View controls displays are centrally located to provide accessibility from either side of the bed so you can clearly view all equipment and patient parameters throughout the room.        

*Trademark of General Electric Company registered in the United States Patent Office.


User Control Settings:


  • Maximum height (bed raised): 70 in (178 cm)

  • Minimum height (bed lowered): 58 in (147 cm)

  • Footprint: 45 in x 26 in (114 cm x 66 cm)

  • Weight: 304 lbs (138 kg)

  • Floor to mattress height: 32 in to 44 in (81 cm to 111 cm)

  • Mattress size: 26 in x 19 in (66 cm x 48 cm)

  • Tubing access ports: 13

  • Baby (servo) temperature control: 35-37.5°C in 0.1° increments

  • Air temperature control: 20-39°C in 0.1° increments

  • Servo humidity control range: 30-95% relative humidity in 5% increments

In-Bed Scale Performance

  • Accuracy: ±0.35 oz (10 g)

  • Range: 0.66 lbs to 17.6 lbs (300 g to 8 kg)

Servo Oxygen Control Performance

  • Control range: up to 65%

  • Display range: 0 to 99%

360º View



Brochure: Giraffe Family

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