The Discovery MR750 advances 3.0T imaging with exceptional homogeneity and gradient stability.

It helps you conduct routine, accurate, and repeatable exams more easily and in less time with greater image quality1. Built around a third–generation, short-bore, superconducting 3.0T magnet, the user-friendly MR750 enables you to setup patients faster and make exams more comfortable. And a comprehensive suite of robust applications helps remove the challenges posed by some of the most challenging exams.

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1. All comparisons of the Discovery MR750 are to past-generation GE systems.
Discovery MR750w time display.

Discovery MR750 3.0T Display


How does the Discovery MR750 3.0T benefit you? Consider the following advantages:


  • Exceptional homogeneity and image quality across a large 48- x 48- x 48-cm field of view 
  • Faster and more accurate and reproducible scans1
  • Increased signal clarity and maximized signal intensity for cleaner, crisper images
  • Better contrast between flowing blood and surrounding tissue
  • Consistent, uniform fat suppression
  • Easier neurofunctional brain mapping and DTI


  • Higher performance with real-time system optimization
  • Accelerated and accurate parallel imaging
  • Fewer operating steps, which lead to shorter exam times
  • Less slowdowns through heat-extraction technology
  • Faster reconstructions for data-intensive, 32-channel studies
  • Intuitive, protocol-driven user interface


  • Fast, automated patient set-up—less than 30 seconds
  • Quicker patient transfer with a detachable patient table
1. All comparisons of the Discovery MR750 are to past-generation GE systems.



The Discovery MR750 3.0T offers advanced technology, such as:

  • High performance whole-body gradients designed to deliver powerful 50 mT/m amplitude and 200 T/m/s slew-rate on each axis simultaneously.
  • ARC parallel-imaging, which utilizes a full 3D data kernel for more accurate reconstruction.
  • A volume-reconstruction engine that enables real-time image generation.
  • OpTix optical RF technology, engineered to increase signal clarity and maximize signal intensity. 
  • PERFORM 2.0, which automatically fine-tunes system SAR modelling and personalizes it for each patient.
  • The eXtreme resonance module (XRM), which delivers a 48-cm field of view with linearity. 
  • VIBRANT Flex technology, which combines multiple series of breast scans into one. 
  • Time of Flight (TOF) imaging, which rapidly captures high-definition images that display small-vessel detail and blood-flow subtleties—without contrast injections.
  • IntelliTouch patient positioning—start scanning in just two steps.
  • BrainWave suite of functional MRI (fMRI) applications, which provide excellent signal stability, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.
1. All comparisons of the Discovery MR750 are to past generation systems.

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