The Brivo MR355 Inspire is designed to make advanced diagnostic technology and patient caring design more accessible for practices like yours. But affordability does not mean you compromise on -performance. 

With advanced features like OpTix RF, the Brivo MR355 Inspire is engineered to deliver high-quality images that helps you make definitive diagnoses for your patients.



Built around the same proven, highly homogenous magnet used throughout our 1.5T product line, the Brivo MR355 Inpire offers you:

  • High-definition 1.5T imaging capability from increased signal clarity and maximized signal intensity
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Higher throughput without sacrificing image quality enabled by simplified workflow, easy to use interface, and a large field of view that enables faster spine, body and vascular exams
  • Energy-efficiency due to 34 percent less power consumption than previous-generation systems—can save 60,000 kWh per year compared to some 1.5T systems
  • Cost-effective upgrades, driven by GE’s Continuum* program


Caring Design. Practical Technology.

  • OpTix Optical RF for excellent signal clarity and signal intensity
  • 33/120 Gradients 
  • Express embedded coil technology, to preserve signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio and reduce handling of bulky coils between exams
  • Adjustable low-height table that goes down to 49cm
  • Ready Brain software that automatically determines slice alignment for brain scans. 
  • Ready Interface for simplified control of scan parameters—and greater consistency from technologist to technologist
  • Express Spine Annotation for semi-automatic annotation of vertebral bodies on saggital T2w spine imaging
  • Strong portfolio of core applications such as PROPELLER 3.0 , eDWI, LAVA, IDEAL, Inhance non-contrast suite, etc...


Clinical Images