Clinical Application

GE Healthcare is offering a free reprint of the clinical application (educational material) of StentViz in the cath lab, and its utility both at the time of initial deployment and in the subsequent evaluation of previously deployed stents. 


StentViz is a stent enhancement imaging technology that provides visualization of metallic stents positioning and deployment. 

StentViz is a software that improves the image quality of stent struts by registering and averaging cine images using the markers of an uninflated balloon to compensate for cardiac motion. The result is an enhanced image of the stent that permits detailed assessment of stent deployment, architecture, and positioning relative to other stents.

StentViz is unique as it uses a nonlinear registration process based on both the balloon markers and the coronary guidewire to compensate for nonlinear deformation of the coronary artery.

StentViz can be used from tableside for minimal disruption to the cath lab workflow compared to using other technologies such as Intravascular imaging with intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and optical coherence tomography (OCT).