When you have just moments to make a diagnosis, standard ECGs can miss a pacemaker, leading to incorrect diagnosis, wasted treatment time and costs, and increased risk for patients. The MAC* 5500 HD combines proven 12SL* analysis with technology advancements to provide one of the most advanced ECG pacemaker detection systems available. 


The MAC* 5500 HD incorporates new tools for ECG acquisition,  which help provide confident clinical decisions with a three-step solution that delivers on speed and accuracy

  • Detect pacemaker pulses more accurately1, reducing the risk of treatment contraindicated for paced patients.  
  • Get advanced interpretation of paced rhythms with the Marquette* 12SL program, which can detect and report the underlying rhythm, increasing the breadth of decision support capabilities.  
  • Clearly visualize and annotate pacer pulses through the MUSE* v8 Cardiology Information System, which provides a dedicated pace-annotation channel. This helps to reduce the need to identify pacer pulses within the ECG signal, supporting efficient diagnosis.   

Get clearer data:

  • The CAM HD acquisition module reduces noise and artefact for clearer ECG tracings. 
  • Enhanced clarity improves the system’s ability to accurately detect the presence of pacemaker pulses and can decrease the need to redo ECGs due to poor data quality.   

Get configurable critical values:

  • Speed triage and treatment with onscreen and printed notifications.
  • Streamline workflow by reducing time-consuming manual identification of critical values. 
  • Consistently report critical conditions to help support patient safety goals.     

1. Using a high sample rate, Ricke AD, Swiryn S, Bauernfeind RA, Conner JA, Young B, Rowlandson GI. Improved pacemaker pulse detection: clinical evaluation of a new high-bandwidth electrocardiographic system. J Electrocardiol. 2010;44(2):265-274. Co-authored in part by GE Healthcare employees.


HD Pacemaker workflow:  

  1. The CAM HD detects pacemaker pulses and sends the pace channel information to the cardiograph. 
  2. MAC 5500* HD provides new 12SL paced rhythm interpretations.  
  3. MUSE v8 displays the stored ECG for later review, including annotations for pacemaker pulses and new 12SL paced rhythm interpretations.   

When seconds count, workflow matters. The HD Pacemaker feature fosters a seamless flow of information from the MAC 500 and into MUSE v8.   

Quality design and innovation expands your capabilities: 
Specifically designed to help enhance your entire staff’s efficiency, the MAC 5500 HD system combines technological advances with ease-of-use features in one system:  

  • Digital CAM-HD acquisition module helps reduce noise and artefact for clearer ECG tracings and improved accuracy in detecting the presence of pacemaker spikes.
  • Large field-of-view display provides a clear view of the screen from any angle.
  • Analog ECG output facilitates easy integration with other cardiac-diagnostic devices, such as echocardiography and nuclear medicine systems.
  • Extensive customization – including display and final-report formatting – accommodates individual user preferences. 
  • Stress option incorporates GE’s proven exercise-testing technologies. Signal-acquisition advances help reduce baseline wander and ST-segment distortion to generate clearer, more defined ECGs.
  • Barcode and magnetic card reader options help reduce errors by automating patient data input.
  • Security protocols and user-configurable password protection help address data security and HIPAA concerns. 
  • Trolley design features a convenient holder for the acquisition module, ample writing surface area, wide bins and a covered storage compartment. Compact design offers easy mobility. 


Processing Specifications: 

  • ECG Interpretation: Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program for Adults and Paediatrics
  • Computerized Measurements: 15-lead analysis includes measurements of user-selectable additional 3 leads 
  • Optional: Hi-Res Late Potential Analysis and P-Wave Signal – Averaged ECG 
  • Additional ECG Function: Vectorcardiography 
  • ECG Analysis Frequency: 500 samples/second (sps) 
  • ECG Storage: 200 ECGs in internal memory 
  • External Archiving: Secure Digital card 
  • Digital Sampling Rate: 16,000 samples/second/channel 
  • Pre-Acquisition: Provides 10 seconds of instantaneous ECG acquisition 
  • Dynamic Range: AC Differential ± 5mV, DC offset ±300 mV 
  • Resolution: 4.88 μV/LSB @ 250 sps, 4.88 μV/LSB @ 500 sps 
  • Frequency Response: –3 dB @ 0.01 to 150 Hz 
  • Common Mode Rejection: >140 dB (123 dB with AC filter disabled) 
  • Input Impedance: >10MΩ @ 10 Hz, defibrillator protected 
  • Patient Leakage: <10 μA 
  • Pace Detection: Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI EC11-1991 standards 
  • Pace Digital Sampling Rate: 75,000 samples/second/channel 
  • Pace Pulse Width: as low as 0.2 ms in duration 
  • Pace Pulse Amplitude: as low as 0.5 mV in amplitude 
  • Special Acquisition Functions: Disconnected lead detection, electrode impedance, excessive AC noise, baseline wander, and muscle tremor messages 
  • Heart Rate Meter: 30 to 300 BPM ±10% or 5 BPM, whichever is greater. Heart rates outside this range will not be displayed   


  • MUSE Cardiology Information System compatible 
  • CardioSoft* compatible 
  • EMR connectivity via MUSE Cardiology Informaion System or CardioSoft 
  • Serial Cable 
  • Internal modem/fax   


  • Display Type: 264 mm (10.4 in) diagonal graphics backlit colour AM LCD
  • Display Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels with waveform enhancement
  • Display Data: Heart rate, patient name, ID, clock, waveforms, lead labels, speed, gain and filter settings, warning messages, prompts, and help messages   

Physical Specifications 

  • Height: 9.4 cm (3.7 in)1 with display closed 
  • Width: 38.1 cm (15 in)1 
  • Depth: 35.1 cm (13.8 in)1 
  • Weight Approximately 6.8 kg (15 lbs)1 including battery, without paper   

1. Without trolley.



MAC 5500 HD Brochure

  • Date Created: 3/26/2013
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