Redefine what’s possible with CT

Revolution ACT is designed not only as a product, but as a solution to easily help you provide more diagnostic confidence, clinical excellence, and better patient care while managing your financial performance.

What are your aspirations?

Revolution ACT helps you provide better patient care to more patients in an affordable way.

We want to provide a more informed diagnosis

Patients are counting on you. Count on Revolution ACT to help enhance your reputation for clinical excellence. It’s purposely designed to help you deliver higher quality results with more consistency and speed.

Testimonial : 

“Despite the very small size, Revolution ACT maintains high standards of quality from all points of view. It combines high image quality, offers great scanning speed and decreases the dose of radiation delivered to patients.” 

Dr. Eugenio Basile
CEO and medical director of Basile Diagnostic Center, Italy.

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We want to offer more services while still managing costs

Improve your ability to provide outstanding CT scan services while managing the overall cost of care.

We want to offer provide a more informed diagnosis

Patients are counting on you. Count on Revolution ACT to help enhance your reputation for clinical excellence.

Impact patient care more profoundly
with the new Clarity panel detector
       Manage radiation dose with ASiR,
     our iterative reconstruction technology.

1. Compared to the previous generation, according to GE data.
2. Compared to the previous generation, according to GE data.
3. Option available on select product configurations only
4. Compared to standard image reconstruction without reducing imaging quality


Technologies that revolve around you

Clarity panel detector

Clarity panel detector design leverages the latest advancement in the semi-conductor and electronics industries making it compact, better integrated and more efficient. It delivers exceptional spatial resolution of 18 lp/cm to enable high quality imaging and visualization of anatomy in 3D.

Smart Dose Technologies

Intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients.

  • ViSR Volumetric Image Space Reconstruction 
    Advanced filters help manage photon starvation and reduce noise without compromising resolution, for clear visualization of brain, tumor, and pediatric cases. 

  • ODM Organ Dose Modulation 
    Developed to act as a virtual shield. Reduces radiation dose up to 40% when imaging superficial tissues like breasts and eyes through ODM. 

    Receiving notifications and alerts if your predetermined dose levels will be exceeded. 

    Optimizes (according to patient shape and scan protocol) tube current in x-y-z directions with negligible effect on image quality. 

    A comprehensive dose management solution. Keep dose levels as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) while producing sharp, focused diagnostic images to prevent excessive radiation dose.

One ACT. Enhance your impACT

Inspired by our most premium product, Revolution CT, the console of Revolution ACT has been designed from the ground up to make it easy to learn and use, saving 79% of clicks². Revolution ACT offers pre-programmed common exam description types in the protocol setup. It provides exam description, automatically tied up to the selected scan and reduces manual steps and scan setup time.

1. Compared to previous DAS 
2. Compared to the previous generation

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*Availability based on local regulatory approval