Change the way you see CT

In angiography exam, an efficient workflow with proven IQ Enhance technology helps you boost the helical pitch for same coverage speed as a 50-slice CT.
In oncology high-quality images, streamlined workflow, fast acquisition speed, and dose optimization help you detect and evaluate small lesions and follow them over time, or provide a detailed evaluation of tumor extension.

Fresh perspective

SmartView Fluoro* for Interventional - advanced visualization techniques with real-time reconstruction and display. A nominal image lag of only 0.20 second gives you the confidence you need for CT guided interventions.


Optimize with Optima

Advanced dose-reduction technologies (Optidose, VISR, ASiR*) for low dose exams without compromising the diagnostic information contained in the images.

  • ASiR* delivers up to 40% reduction

Go with the workflow

Latest workflow innovations:

  • Emergency mode – fast emergency exams

  • Smart start – real-time contrast tracking scanning

  • Xtream Injector – synchronization of scan and injection and minimize users errors

  • Real-time Scout –  save time and dose

  • Autopositioning: simply push a buttom

ConneCT from anywhere

Dexus*, seamless workflow environment

  • Optimize your workflow, from the moment you acquire your image until you report your results

  • Link imaging devices, clinical applications, and IT, so you can access advanced visualization tools across modalities and care areas

  • From wherever you are.


Designed to help healthcare providers deliver the best patient care with customer inspired enhancements including:

  • Superb image quality

  • Advanced dose optimizing features

  • Streamlined workflow

  • Technological innovations

Built on reliable and proven technology, the Optima* CT520 combines advanced clinical capacity with economic value.

Clinical images

Clinical evidences



*Availability based on local regulatory approval