Cost Effective Without Compromise

The Aespire 7100 is a compact, integrated workstation that helps simplify the daily demands of your work environment. With volume ventilation mode as standard, the Aespire 7100 can be enhanced by several software options to help you optimize clinical performance in an economic package, including:

  • Pressure ventilation
  • Volume monitoring
  • Tidal volume compensation
Aespire 7100 environment


Aespire 7100 is a compact, integrated anaesthesia workstation that is cost effective without compromising breathing circuit kinetics.  

The contemporary, compact design addresses many ergonomic considerations including:

  • Innovative cable management solutions
  • A large work surface and several optional integrated features such as auxiliary O2, suction control and monitoring integration kits  

To simplify clinical needs, the workstation provides more storage space with two large drawers, an LED light strip that provides bi-level work surface illumination and controls that are conveniently located whether clinicians are sitting or standing. The 7100 Ventilator has been specifically engineered to allow for ventilation of a wide range of patients, making it an excellent solution for clinicians that are looking for a high performance ventilator at a cost-effective price.  

The Aespire workstation includes the Advanced Breathing System (ABS). This integrated breathing system: 

  • Enables swift rise/fall of inspired gas concentrations as fresh gas flow concentrations rise/fall.
  • Is specifically designed for minimal and low flow anaesthesia due to compact volume.
  • Offers full integration to minimize misconnections and disconnections.  

Clinicians will benefit from the familiar ventilator user interface, established technologies, and integrated features, all of which help you save time and work throughout the anaesthesia care process.   

Aespire 7100_2


The Aespire 7100 features:

Standard Software

  • Volume Control ventilation
  • Integrated volume and oxygen monitoring
  • Electronic PEEP and alarm management

Optional Capabilities

  • Pressure Mode
  • Pressure waveform
  • Tidal volume compensation

Responsive Gas Delivery

  • The Aespire 7100 uses GE Healthcare’s Advanced Breathing System (ABS).
  • With its small breathing system volume (2.7 L), the ABS responds to fresh gas changes rapidly even during low-flow anaesthesia due to compact volume.
  • The removable ABS and multi absorber canisters help you eliminate delays during cleaning and when swapping the CO2 absorber.
  • The no-tool disassembly streamlines cleaning and maintenance and it is autoclavable, so sterilization is no longer a complex procedure.  
Aespire 7100 screen