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By upgrading your AW workstation to the latest AW VolumeShare 7 workstation or server, we offer you the ability to bring new capabilities to your system, both clinically and operationally.

This asset management program is a cost-effective way to:

  • Develop new clinical capabilities
  • Improve the productivity of your department
  • Enjoy unexpected simplicity

New Diagnostic Capabilities

Upgrading your AW workstation to AW VolumeShare 7 workstation or server gives you the access to advanced visualization capabilities you deserve: more than 50 applications become available across modalities & care areas.

New clinical applications linked with modality breakthroughs:

Oncology: Segmentation and assessment of liver and liver lesions (Hepatic VCAR)

Cardiology: Planning tool for transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI Analysis)

Neurology: Analysis and quantification of PET FDG and beta amyloid brain scans (CortexID Suite)

Neurology: Segmentation and assessment of hematoma & aneurysms in CT images (Stroke VCAR)

Significant enhancements to existing proven applications:

  • CT application: VesselIQ Xpress with AutoBone (automated real-time tracking for all vasculature)
  • Molecular Imaging application: PET VCAR (Comprehensive PET oncology analysis solution with multi-modality and multi-time metabolic and anatomic evolution Comparison)
  • MRI applications: ReadyView, BrainView and BodyView (fast & automated post-processing workflows)

New or enhanced display & post-processing tools:

  • Greater space allocated for image display
  • Multi-modality convergence to help enhance diagnostic precision, quantitative findings and treatment support

Improved Review Productivity

Upgrading your workstation with an AW VolumeShare 7 workstation or server offers a solution to your workflow challenges: with improvements in the workflow processes that can help increase your productivity.

A faster, more modern system to improve your performance:

  • The new hardware is 20% faster1 and provides 5 times more RAM standard compared to the previous AW workstation
  • 2X faster images series loading times for AW Server 3.22
  • Automatically load up to 12 dataset volumes per user preferences with Smart Layout - 2X improvement for AW Server 3.23

New workflow boosters and simplifiers:

  • Over 20% reduction in clicks for typical CT and MR workflows through simplification of measurement tools2
  • Automated case preparation: It’s been done for you without any clicks! Even as you are doing other tasks: Bone is removed, coronaries are tracked & labeled, colon is unfolded
  • Upon application opening, the review steps to be followed are displayed automatically, to provide a complete, easy-to-follow check-list

1. Based on CPU specifications, memory speeds and PassMark® Software CPU Performance Test benchmark results ( Not all applications may realize this improvement.

2. Internal data. As compared to previous AW system.

3. As compared to previous AW workstation and/or server and based on system configuration.


The new AW VolumeShare 7 workstation and server will transform your user experience, combining an enhanced user interface with highly customizable review workflows.

An intuitive user-interface, fully customizable:

Customization of the toolbar thanks to an intuitive preferences menu
Easy layout adjustment to get the right tools at your fingertip, when you need it
The right mouse click contextual menu provides direct access to up to 6 favorite
analysis tools which reduces mouse travel time, distance and effort.
Image analysis tools are logically grouped by functionality and color coded for
easy access and recognition.

Simplified workflows with new tools and automation options:

Workflow simplification with more accessible analysis tools and review information: 2-3X more image review tools accessible with one-click1.
The new AW workstation interface is harmonized across the GE Healthcare environment, with common image analysis tools and functions.

1. As compared to previous AW workstation and/or server and based on system configuration.

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*Availability based on local regulatory approval