advanced visualization mr vesselIQ xpress.Using radiation-free Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) as a tool for vascular disease diagnosis may provide sound information for making therapeutic decisions. Increased sophistication of both sequence design and parallel acquisition techniques have made contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiographic (MRA) a powerful, practical diagnostic tool. Today, MRA is competitive with other diagnostic techniques in light of the current emphasis on dose management, cost containment, and outpatient evaluation.

Without a complementary tool to efficiently assess MRA information, reading studies and arriving at accurate diagnoses can be very time-consuming.

MR VesselIQ Xpress is an AW platform post processing package that provides you with additional tools to help in the analysis of MR angiographic data. The software includes display, measurement, and batch filming/archive features to let you efficiently analyze selected vessels for stenosis, directional tortuosity and other anomalies.


  • Provides the ability to interact with MRA data sets to aid in the angiographic detection and diagnosis of vascular diseases.
  • Track the centerline of any vessel.
  • Quantify abnormal anatomical structures and assess their evolution. 
  • Visualize and analyze directional vessel tortuosity.
  • Enables convenient pre- and post-surgical assessment.
  • Automatic vessel tracking shortens waiting time for first clinically relevant image.
  • Provides quick 3D visualization, and fast access to vessel cross section and profile images.


  • Anatomy-based protocols enable placement of intermediate points when needed.
  • Pre-defined label database accurately labels vessels when using Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA) based protocols.
  • Automatically provides size, stenosis, and length measurements with two deposited points.
  • Single or double click Quick AVA from any protocol within Volume Viewer to analyze vessels in curved reformat, lumen, or MPR views.
  • Allows saving of current processing state to include measurements, 3D segmentation, and tracking.
  • Features anatomy-based vessel labeling.
  • Quickly and easily  switch from one protocol to another from the review step area.
  • Customizable review step accommodates particular workflows.
  • Allows retrieval of the saved state so you can resume analysis from where you left off.
  • Includes five pre-defined layouts to best suit your workflow. Ability to customize layouts for dual screen anatomy review.
  • Capture measurement results tables and associated images to include in reports.

System Requirements

  • AW VolumeShare 4 or later
  • One or Two display monitors 

Intended Use

MR VesselIQ Xpress is intended to provide an optimized non-invasive application to facilitate vascular anatomy and pathology analysis from a set of DICOM 3.0 compliant 3D contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiographic (MRA) images.

MR VesselIQ Xpress is a post processing application which can be used in the analysis of Magnetic Resonance Angiographic (MRA) data for the purpose of vascular disease assessment.

This software is designed to assist radiologists and other clinicians in the evaluation and assessment of vascular anatomy and disease with the capability to provide a set of tools for visualizing directional tortuosity, for sizing the vessel and for measuring areas of anomalies within a vessel.

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