advanced visualization geniq.Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) can non-invasively measure angiogenesis, and is rapidly becoming the standard method for assessing the vascular properties of lesions. For oncology assessments, this imaging technique can provide additional information on the efficacy of angiogenesis inhibitors to augment evaluations based on the tumor size criteria determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST).

The ability to process and analyze DCE-MRI series andaccurately assess the vascular properties of lesions provides a biomarker for determining a number of factors. These include drug efficacy, response after chemo- or radiation therapy, non-invasive distinction between benign and malignant pathology or grading of tumors, and a tool to guide lesion biopsy.

GenIQ, an MR advanced visualization application processes and analyzes DCE-MRI series specifically for the measurement and analysis of vascular lesion properties. As part of the DEXUS workflow, GenIQ is available virtually anywhere – on a PC, laptop, PACS or AW workstation.

What's New

  • Guided workflows for DCE-MRI data processing.
  • Personalized workflow provides custom protocols and adjustable parameter settings.
  • High-Tech framework helps extract more information from generated data.
  • Improved productivity through automatic data processing, real-time parametric image thresholding and segmentation, and single click save state.
  • Semi-quantitative parameters
  • Pharmaco-Kinetic modeling parameters.
  • Vascular Input Function Detection modes.
  • 3D Motion Registration.
  • Preset value for T1 correction.
  • Data Down Sampling.
  • Skip Phases option.


  • GenIQ provides graphs and functional images to help you analyze differences in pixel values as well as protocols for processing brain, prostate, and general DCE-MRI.
  • Choose from automatic, semi-automatic or manual Vascular Input Function (VIF).
  • Select a model-based VIF curve.
  • Automatically convert MR data set signal intensities.
  • Automatically set semi-quantitative parameters.
  • Automatically set Pharmo-Kinetic modeling parameters.
  • Graphical interface displays signal intensity and concentration curves.
  • Motion registration minimizes effects of patient motion during acquisition.
  • Time points with poor image quality or motion artifacts are ignored.
  • Drag and drop method enables the fusion of color parametric images with anatomical 2D or 3D images.
  • Streamlined workflow saves time.
  • Real-Time functional map segmentation.
  • Save and export images in a variety of formats and perform, save and export measurements
  • Save the processed image at any stage with save state.
  • Contextual help provides assistance with image processing algorithms.

System Requirements


  • Volume Share 5 or above
  • READY View is a prerequisite.


  • One or two display monitors
  • HP Z800 with 12GB RAM or above
  • HP XW8600 with 12 GB RAM or above
  • HP XW8400 with 12 GB RAM or above

Intended Use

GenIQ is an automated post-processing software option that is indicated for use on dynamic magnetic resonance imaging data sets to generate parametric images from the image intensity variations over time. This dynamic change in signal intensity is used to calculate functional parameters related to tissue flow and leakage of the contrast agent from the intravascular to the extracellular space. GenIQ provides information that when interpreted by a trained physician, can be useful for assessing tumor vascular properties for initial as well as follow-up examinations.

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*Availability based on local regulatory approval

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