advanced visualization cardiq function xpress.

Cardiac disease is one of the leading health concerns world wide. Successful treatment of the many conditions that cause and perpetuate heart disease requires that physicians approach specific cardiac problems with as much information as today’s technology can provide. To supply your referring physicians with this information you need software that gives you insight into cardiac anatomy and function supported by quantifiable data.

Cardiac IQ Function Xpress post-processing software helps you evaluate cardiac function and diagnose cardiovascular disease with a high degree of confidence. Providing accurate and reproducible quantification of left and right ventricular volumes, ejection fractions, and myocardial mass, Cardiac IQ Function Xpress is optimized to assess cardiac function using multiphase, multi-slice cardiac CT images.   

The CardIQ Function Xpress option provides an easy-to-use and time-effective way for you to perform cardiovascular functional analysis. 


  • Automatically pre-processes and loads exams.
  • Automatically detects all chambers in all phases. 
  • Automatically performs ejection fraction and chamber volume analysis with 91% reliability on LV and RV automatic ejection fraction.
  • Provides single click myocardial analysis with bull’s eye images.
  • Performs simultaneous case review in real time.
  • Lets you load multiphase data with no load time. 
  • Lets you review multiple cases in real time. 
  • Lets you generate reports with imported analytics. 


  • Apply the CardIQ Function Xpress application to standard axial CT images acquired on a GE scanner using the cardiac CT SnapShot imaging acquisition option.
  • Automatically selects each heart chamber for individual volume analysis.
  • Performs behind-the-scene function data process for real time ejection fraction review, volume analysis, and myocardial analysis.
  • Enables you to extract, render, and display 3D volumetric models of the endocardium for ejection fraction calculation.
  • Automatic detection of the endocardial and epicardial walls for wall motion, wall thickness, wall thickening and myocardial mass analysis. Lets you perform volume analysis of all chambers.
  • You can automatically calculate left atrium volume while excluding the pulmonary vein.
  • With a single click you can activate visual wall motion with short axis images in basal, mid, and distal orientations along with a two-chamber long axis view.
  • You can perform myocardial analysis with wall motion, wall thickness, and mass calculations.
  • The application’s flexible reporting tool lets you include graphical representations.
  • Display on screen a table of key functional parameters for instant visualization.

System Requirements

  • AW VolumeShare Workstation with VolumeShare 2 running 4 8400 hardware or higher (running 64 bit). 
  • Auto launch and preprocessing are available only on 8400 workstations with 16 GB RAM. 
  • 2 monitor configuration.
  • Color landscape monitor.

Intended Use

CardIQ Function Xpress is intended to provide an optimized non-invasive application to analyze cardiovascular anatomy and pathology and aid in determining treatment paths from a set of Computed Tomography (CT) Angiographic images.

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