A Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) generates an array of vascular flow data. Comparing and synthesizing information contained from different sequences to arrive at a confident diagnosis may be difficult and time consuming.

AngioViz summarizes in a single image critical information contained in a DSA time series facilitating understanding of vascular flow.

With Angioviz, you can easily compare different DSA series with just a glance. 


  • Displays a DSA series in one color image.
  • Automatically synchronizes different DAS series for flow comparison.
  • Analyze complex flow pattern of several anatomical regions.


AngioViz facilitates understanding of vascular flow by displaying a DSA series in a single color-coded image of:

  • Peak opacification: Shows the peak intensity reached by each pixel over time. Shows arterial and venous anatomy and flow together or separately. 
  • Time to peak: Displays the time at which each pixel reaches its peak intensity.
  • Time to peak fusion: Combines time to peak and peak opacification parameters. Colors indicate time to peak; intensity indicates peak opacification. Demonstrates both vascular flow and opacification level in a single image. 

AngioViz automatically synchronizes different DAS series for flow comparison of pre- and post-interventional runs.

AngioViz’s intuitive interface lets you analyze complex flow patterns of several anatomical regions in a single click.

System Requirements

  • AW VolumeShare 5 or higher 

Intended Use

AngioViz is an application which produces from a DSA series parametric images representing maximum opacification, time to peak and combinations of those, to enable the user to more easily visualize characteristics related to vascular flow.

The AngioViz application can be used to process DSA image data from any location in the human body for which DSA imaging is used.

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