1. Leadership, Innovation & Strategy

The Leadership, Innovation, & Strategy (LIS) Program is an action-learning program that provides senior-level, intact teams from customer organizations with critical “time to think” about their growth strategy and innovation. It is designed to help the leadership team members conduct an in-depth analysis of their business unit’s growth capabilities and agree on important steps to accelerate their growth strategy. LIS works with renowned global faculty and business experts to guide customer teams in these areas:

  • Quality in strategy decision making

  • Breakthrough innovation

  • Building innovation capabilities

  • Scenario planning for major market trends

  • Aligning financial decisions with corporate strategy

  • Talent management for high performance team

For inquiries about LIS, please contact: Samar Nassar/ Program Director/

2. Biomedical Engineering Program

As part of the umbrella of Education Solutions in Saudi, Middle East & Turkey. The biomedical engineering program is an intensive, hands-on educational program. Taking place at the MediSand’s Global Education Center in Dallas, United States in collaboration with the Healthcare Skills & Training Institute, HSTI. The program is designed to allow university senior year students to learn the essentials of medical terminology and healthcare policies, study the design of medical instrumentation in state-of–the-art electronics and medical equipment laboratories, explore and learn the fundamentals of a few biomedical technologies such as patient monitoring, life support and ultrasound imaging equipment as well as complete a 1-week off-site internship with a healthcare provider or other hosts. After completing the program, graduates return to their perspective communities with the ability to help improve healthcare systems.

For inquiries about the program, please contact: Iyad Al-Mobarek/ Education Solution GM/