Course Description

Digital X-ray Training “à la carte”

This course is an “à la carte” program. From the list below, you can select the course and duration that best suit your requirements:
Basic courses

  • X-ray Basics - 4 Days

  • Patient Positioning Basics - 4 Days

Specific topics

  • Digital Acquisition Basics - 1 Day

  • Soft Copy Reading WS Basics - 2 Days

  • Advanced Use of Workstation - 2 Days

Advanced techniques

  • Patient Positioning Review - 2 Days

  • Quality Control & IQ Appraisal - 2 Days

Cat Number

A20111RF (1 day_Digital X-Ray_On-Site)

A20121RF (2 days_Digital X-Ray_On-Site)

A20141RF (4 days_Digital X-Ray_On-Site}


Depending on the topic (1 day minimum)

Target Attendees

Radiographers, Radiologists


# of participants:
Maximum 4

Delivery method:

Hands-on (led by GE Clinical Education Specialist)


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