Online Courses

A variety of continuing education courses on the web (TipEd, Nursing Library) or directly from your console with a GE instructor on-line through AppsLink.

1) TipEd is an online library of courses for imagin professionals that you can access at work, at home, anytime, anywhere !!! With TiP-Ed Online, imaging professionals can gain continuing education through our Healthcare Learning System (HLS) that gives them access to more than 200 on line courses that cover:

2) Nursing Library: Meet your continuing education needs with online access to over 50 courses .Conveniently available online 24/7, the Nursing Library of Online Education offers more than 50 engaging courses developed in partnership with leading international experts, categorized around objectives that focus on optimizing patient care and safety:

3) AppsLink: AppsLink* is an on demand live training service, realized via GEHC’s screen sharing technology through a virtual connection using In-Site technology. Radiologists and operators can connect with an expert on clinical application questions, get tips on how to better utilize existing functions, and follow trainings on new acquisition techniques….All this from the convenience of their own console or Advantage Workstation. AppsLink drives application knowledge to your teams at their own adapted speed and schedule just as it offers a convenient and effective way to be trained.

* To be able to use Applink your site must meet following requirements GE system connected via broadband with 700-1000 kbps upload and download connection speed

Instructor Led

Our in Person instructor led courses, utilise a variety of methds that span classroom, Dr to Dr , immersion and onsite trainings. All of those courses are delivered either by world renowned Key Opinion Leaders or by GE experienced Clinical Education Specialists.

1) Classroom trainings: Instruction takes place in classroom where participants work on systems that are identical to those in their own working environment. Those classroom trainings are led by one of our many expert GE Clinical application specialists. For large group of users, we offer some of our classrooms training to be delivered at your site (Classroom On-site).

2) Doctor to Doctor instruction is conducted in a classroom environment by a subject matter expert in the medical field. GE partners with world renowned Key Opinion Leaders and invites them to be lead faculty in the many Dr. to Dr. Trainings that GE organises across its training institutes.

3) Onsite: Instruction takes place at the site of the training participants, to educate them in their environment on their own systems. Those onsite sessions are led by experienced GE clinical education specialists that have in-depth system and procedure knowledge and can help practicing staff gain more confidence in manipulating GE sytems allowing them to perform more advanced cases.