Continuing Education

3 Days

Healthcare Practitioner



The MUSE System Training Course:
The MUSE System training course is designed to give participants the information and in depth knowledge needed to proficiently operate and train the MUSE Cardiology System. This course will use discussion, workshops and return demonstrations to teach the MUSE Cardiology System application and its features.
The objective of this course is to partner with the participants to expand their knowledge base of the GE MUSE Cardiology System. The course will enable participants to more proficiently operate and train the system, and act as the training and problem solving resource for their hospital.

At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Act as a system administrator for the MUSE Cardiology System upon their return to their Hospital

  • Demonstrate Various Features on the MUSE Cardiology system including: Acquisition, System Setup, System Status, Database Search and the Editor.

  • Assist in problem-solving issues that may arise with the MUSE Cardiology System

  • Use the various features on the MUSE Cardiology System to help enhance current and future clinical workflow

Target Attendees:
Ideal candidates for training can expect to be the power user for their site. Class attendees should be comfortable with using computers and be willing to train others at their facility.

# of participants:
Maximum 8