Course Director:

Mark Murphey, MD, FACR
American Institute for Radiologic Pathology

Continuing Education

3 Days




ACR-MSK MR — Elbow, Wrist/Hand and Specialized Topics

This three-day educational course is designed to provide the practicing radiologist an intensive hands-on experience in the technique and the interpretation of MR imaging of the elbow and wrist/hand. In addition, specialized topics including image interpretation of pediatric sports injuries, bone and soft tissue tumors, joint replacements, arthritis, musculoskeletal infection, and bone marrow are reviewed.

The course is focused toward the non-musculoskeletal-trained radiologist responsible for interpretation of these often complex examinations. The attendee will have the opportunity to review and interpret over 100 musculoskeletal examinations under the supervision of expert faculty. Through participation in multiple scan interpretation sessions, including a detailed review of the key findings, each attendee will develop a higher level of expertise and confidence in evaluating imaging of these various joints and specialized topics.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the normal appearances of important anatomic structures on MR imaging of the elbow, wrist and hand.

  • Identify abnormalities involving the collateral ligaments, biceps tendon, epicondyles and osteochondral structures about the elbow.

  • Detect common abnormalities involving the wrist and hand including tears of the triangular fibrocartilage, scapholunate ligament, lunotriquetral ligament, lunar collateral ligament, scaphoid fractures, and to evaluate the imaging features of inflammatory arthritis.

  • Identify new techniques such as assessment of area at risk and myocardial edema with T2W imaging.Recognize the important features of diagnosis and staging of bone and soft tissue tumors.

  • Recognize the radiologic features of joint arthroplasty complications.

  • Detect common sports injuries unique to pediatric patients and additional frequent tendon and muscle traumatic lesions on MR imaging.

  • Provide an imaging approach to detect and characterize marrow abnormalities and musculoskeletal infection.

Target Attendees:

# of participants:
Maximum 35