Course Director:
Diego Martin, MD, PhD, FRCPC
The Cosden Professor and Chairman
Department of Medical Imaging
University of Arizona

Continuing Education

3 Days




ACR-Body and Pelvic MR

This three-day, intensive practical course on abdominal and pelvic MR image interpretation will focus on the most common current indications for abdominal and pelvic MR - imaging of the liver, pancreas, pelvis and the kidneys. It is aimed to help a range of radiologists, from the general radiology practitioner to the moderately advanced MRI expert.

In contrast to passive lectures, participants will be provided their own FUJI Synapse workstation from which actual patient abdominal MRI studies will be viewed. A formalized reporting structure will be used for the attendee to analyse their viewing of the findings. Additionally these findings can be reviewed and discussed with the teaching faculty.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret atleast 1000 patient cases on a FUJI Synapse workstation.

  • List the protocol expertise for acquiring a comprehensive examination within a 20-minute scan time.

  • Describe the rationale for the acquisition methods: which acquisition shows specific aspects of particular pathologies.

  • Identify and develop expertise in the diagnostic evaluation of a range of liver tumors and diffuse liver disease; gall blader and diseases of the bile ducts; pancreatic malignancies and diffuse pancreatic disease; renal malignancies; abdominal vascular, retroperitoneal, and peritoneal disease; and pathologies of male and female pelvis.

Target Attendees:

# of participants:
Maximum 35