Continuing Education

2 Days

Employees new to Project Management



Project Management in Healthcare organisations:
This two-day course will help you build and enhance the fundamental capabilities to manage complex and challenging projects. You will be introduced to standard project management tools and techniques, such as scope requirements, timelines, work structures, schedules, and budgets. You will also have the opportunity to practice and apply each of these techniques through innovative classroom exercises. Project Management focuses on creating and managing a clear team structure that aligns with your project goals. For example, you will learn how to manage effectively in a changing environment, including how to develop skills and techniques for communicating information cross-functionally to stakeholders. This course is most beneficial to Employees new to project management, who have to manage projects in addition to their day-to-day job.

Target Attendees:
Employees new to Project Management, who manage projects in addition to their day-to-day job

# of participants:
Maximum 20



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