Continuing Education

3 Days

Leaders or managers of direct reports



Building Essential Leadership Skills for Healthcare Practitioners (BELS):
The Building Essential Leadership Skills course (BELS) is an in-depth learning experience designed to help develop the core skills needed to demonstrate effective leadership. Through BELS, you will strengthen your leadership capabilities by better understanding your leadership behaviours and personal communications style. You will also learn how to build upon your individual leadership strengths and find ways to address leadership challenges. BELS provides critical knowledge and training in key leadership skill areas, including best practices on how to lead, manage conflict, build a team environment based on trust, coach and develop your team, and set team goals. This course includes the Effective Coaching Skills (ECS) course.

Target Attendees

  • Newly-appointed individuals as leaders or managers of direct reports.

  • Individuals who have been serving as leaders or managers of direct reports.

  • Project leaders who need to influence the performance of people over whom they have no direct authority.

  • Individuals with 2 to 5 years of business experience.

# of participants:
Minimum 20 - Maximum 25