Continuing Education

1 Day

Healthcare Practitioner



CARESCAPE™ B450, B650, B850 Monitors Training Course:
The CARESCAPE™ B450, B650, B850 Monitors training session is designed to give participants the information and product knowledge needed to proficiently operate ventilator Delivery system for critically ill patients in ICU. The training session will use discussion, as well as extensive hands-on practice to teach the course objectives as they apply to the specific care area.
At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
Identify the main components of the CARESCAPE Monitor
Navigate through multiple menus and return to the normal display
Identify the waveform and parameter areas of the display
Setup and initiate patient monitoring, including placing the monitor in standby, resuming monitoring and starting/ending monitoring
Modify the screen setup, including selecting a profile and a page, manually assigning waveforms and parameter windows and setting up a split screen
Manage alarms, including identifying alarm types, changing alarm limits, pausing alarms and turning alarms on and off
Setup, initiate and manage parameter monitoring for the following parameters:
Pulse Oximetry
If applicable, setup, initiate and manage parameter monitoring for the following parameters:
12-lead ECG,
Impedance Respiration,
Invasive Pressure,
Cardiac Output,
Airway Gases,
Patient Spirometry,
Gas Exchange,
Access numerical and graphic trends, access events and create and view a snapshot
If applicable, access and manipulate the Drug Calculations menu, including the Calculator and the Titration Table.


Target Attendees:

Health care practitioner who uses, maintains, or troubleshoots this equipment.

# of participants:
Maximum 8


Disclaimer:This course is an intellectual property of King Fahad Medical City, delivered at KFMC campus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.