Continuing Education

2 Days

Healthcare Practitioner



Airway Management for Pediatric Course:
This course will provide hands-on experience to manage common and complex pediatrics airway situations. Each participant will have the opportunity to review the basic and fundamental skills of intubation, identify exam findings associated with a difficult airway, experience advanced tools for management of airway, and work together to solve airway problems in a high fidelity, clinically simulated environment using scenarios developed from real life cases.

This program combines evidence-based medicine with technologically advanced simulation education techniques and hands-on learning to Provide advanced, hands-on, clinical education experiences for participants from a wide scope of practices, Integrate a variety of task-trainers, low- and high-fidelity simulators, and actual medical devices to provide optimal learning opportunities.


Target Attendees:

Physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics in critical areas, anesthesia and emergency department.

# of participants:
Maximum 18


Disclaimer:This course is an intellectual property of King Fahad Medical City, delivered at KFMC campus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.