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Biomedical engineers



Biomedical Engineering Training Program

The GEHealthcare – Medisend one-month Biomedical Engineering Technology program is designed to allow participants to learn the essentials of leadership development, health technology management, medical terminology and healthcare policies; study the design of medical instruments in state-of–the-art electronics and medical equipment laboratories; and explore and learn the fundamentals of select biomedical technologies such as patient monitoring, life support and ultrasound imaging equipment. The courses are taught by MediSend and GE instructors.

The program includes one-week internship where the students will have an opportunity to work in their chosen clinical specialty at selective medical centers while in the United States. Allowing them to experience real-world situations, working in an active clinical setting with experts in their field.

Participants graduating from this program are expected to gain knowledge and improve their skills to help support quality of patient care in their healthcare institutions

Location: Texas, United States
Duration: 4 weeks
Type: instructor-led
Capacity: 20 students
Skill level: basic

Sample agenda:

Week 1: Leadership Development

Risk Management and Human Factors Engineering - 2 days, Frank Painter (GE Instructor)
Change Acceleration Process – 3 days, GE instructor

Week 2: Essentials of healthcare competencies for clinical engineers / Basics of Life Support Equipment

Day 1: General Safety Precautions; Electrical, Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Hazards; Fire Safety Hazards and Prevention, Hospital Personnel at Risk; Codes and Regulations; Role of medical Personnel, Customer Service Relations; Healthcare Technology Management department; Certifications
Day 1: Electrical Safety in the Medical Environment
Day 2: General Principles of Troubleshooting and Preventive/Corrective Maintenance
Day 2: Fundamentals of Electricity, Magnetism and Solid State Devices
Day 3: Essentials of Sensors and Transducers
Day 3: Fundamentals of Electricity, Magnetism and Solid State Devices
Day 4: Medication Management and Enteral Delivery Systems: General Infusion, Pain Management, Syringe and Feeding Pumps
Day 5: Patient Monitoring Systems: Vital Signs Monitors

Week 3: Patient Monitoring and Ultrasound Systems

Day 1: Patient Monitoring Systems: Bedside Monitors
Day 2: Cardiology Equipment: Defibrillators
Day 3: Introduction to Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
Day 4: Introduction to Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
Day 5: Biomedical Instrumentation: Safety, Quality Control, Maintenance, and Medical Equipment Management Program

Week 4: Internship

Internship with Healthcare Professionals at a local Baylor Hospital
Students will experience varied medical setting (up to 10 clinical specialties) in which they will work with professional personnel at Baylor University Medical Center. Objectives will be to experience real-world conditions and concerns in an active clinical setting with experts within their chosen specialties.

Disclaimer: GE Healthcare reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the program dates at any time with or without notification.

Target Attendees:
Biomedical engineers

# of participants:
Maximum 20